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Welcome to UltraTeamDynamite Cosplay's Blog!

We love making costumes, going to conventions and taking photos. This is just a hobby of ours and we do not consider ourselves professionals. We just like to have fun!

About our Members:
Devin aka Scotty, 22, Founder of UTD
Shelbert, 22
Dano, 22
Jake, 22
Kevin, 22
Panda, 23

Most of us are college students so we tend to be pretty busy. We currently have six active members but we also collaborate with many of our other friends.

Photo shoot: September 17th, 2014

Amy Pond- Angels Take Manhattan outfit

Outfit, makeup and styling: Scotty

Photography: Jerri Xu

Post editing : Scotty

Location: CSU Chico Campus

Fanime/ Clockwork alchemy 2014: Steampunk

Photos by Dano

Original concept and costume made by Scotty

Make-up design and wig styling by Scotty

Prop designed and fabricated by Scotty and Chris D.

Fanime/ Clockwork Alchemy 2014: Steampunk

Photos by Scotty

Original concept Scotty

Costume created  by Dano

Badges, goggles, compass watch and pistol fabricated and modified by Scotty

Make-up design by Denise

Fanime 2014

Photos by Scotty

Costume by Dano and Shelbert

Make-up design by Denise D.

Halloween Hobbit Photoshoot Part 2 (10-31-2013)

Photos by Shelbert (princess-hylian)

Makeup and Costume by Scotty

Photos Edited by Scotty

Halloween Hobbit Photoshoot Part 1 (10-31-2013)

Photos by Shelbert (princess-hylian)

Makeup and Costume by Scotty

Photo Editing by Scotty

Like our photo’s? Like our costumes? Want to see everything that goes on before and during a con?

Feel free to visit Scotty’s behind the scenes blog utdbehindthescenes! She chronicles many of UTD’s adventures and enjoys sharing her process of making costumes. Its also full of interesting and cool things related to cosplay and costuming.


SacAnime Summer- September 1, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

The White Queen- Scotty

Original design by Scotty

Dress/ Headdress/ Shoes and make-up by Scotty

Photographs by Denise D.

SacAnime Summer- September 1, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Mad Hatter- turtlebug

Original design by turtlebug and Scotty

Hat and Rings made by Scotty

Makeup by Scotty and Denise D.

Dress made by Linda D.

Photographs by Scotty

SacAnime Summer- September 1, 2013

Gurren Lagann Photoshoot

Simon- Jake (coat made by Kevin)

Nia- Dano (outfit made by Dano, Scotty and Denise D.)

Yoko- Panda (outfit by Panda, gun constructed by Panda and Scotty)

Photographs by Scotty